6 weeks to 1 years old

In just the first year of life your infant will learn to focus their vision, reach out for things, explore and learn about the things around them. Honey Brook Early Learning Center provides the warm and caring environment built for your child to safely explore their surroundings while learning through play and interaction with our qualified staff. We appreciate you entrusting us with your infant's growth and care and we are committed to making this an easy transition away from home for both you and your baby.



1 & 2 years old

New friends, curiosity and the new found independence of your toddler will drive their desire to be a little learner as the caring hands of our staff guide them into exploration of new ideas and foster their innate desire to learn. Our curriculum is based on a child's need to explore and learn by doing. We know that the best kind of learning is active and our goal is to foster the success is each child every step of they way.





3,4 & 5 years old

Our learning programs for preschoolers include independent exploration of various topics, whole group and small group instructional times, free play and art are a part of your child's everyday experience at Honey Brook Early Learning Center. Children in this group will flourish in skill and knowledge of subjects such as literacy, math, science and social skills. With a thematic curriculum, your child will get hands on experience in a variety of forms and enjoy a friendly, child centered environment with teachers who enable your preschooler to find their independence and guide them with a loving hand.


Morning Explorers

for preschool aged children

Our morning explorers will visit with us 2 to 3 times a week for a period of 2.5 hours. During this time, they will participate in our daily preschool age program to include lessons on thematic topics and develop a love for learning all while having the opportunity to meet and make new friends before their first years of elementary school. They will acclimate to learning in a group setting and enjoy a taste of independence as they learn to write their name, count and sort objects, enhance fine motor skills, participate in large group activities, and most importantly...have fun!




School Age

kindergarten to 12 years old

Before and after school care for your school age children will include daily homework support, fun and engaging activities, fitness activities to encourage active, healthy habits, and free time with their friends to unwind and relax after a long day of school in our comfortable school age classroom environment.